Attention Mothers of Adult Children:

Deeply Connect With Your Adult Kids and Create an Enduring Relationship

With the 3 Step Legacy Lock, You Will Become the Mother of Your Dreams Now That Your Kids are Grown

"My kids are calling me for advice now and telling me what's going on.. I didn't think it would happen this fast, it's amazing."

- Antoinette T.

In the 4-part video series, you'll uncover the false beliefs that are hurting your adult child relationships and discover how the 3 Step Legacy Lock can put you in the position for connection, personal fulfillment, and influence in the lives of your adult children.

ALSO!! To ensure you get results, we'll also throw in:

  • 117 Conversation Starters for Adult Child Connection ($125 Value)

    - Easily start up a dialogue that will open up the communication and heal and strengthen your relationship.

  • How to Effectively Express Love & Acceptance Towards Your Adult Child ($80 Value)

    - Learn to express this in way so your adult children can feel it too!

  • Learn to Walk Eggshell Free in Under 10 Miles ($150 Value)

    - Say goodbye to ever having to walk on eggshells again... in 9 manageable steps!

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"I just took 8 pages of notes. You made so much sense and it felt freeing, already, to hear your advice. I have realized for some time that my thoughts and feelings get in the way, but to hear it laid out with a plan to change is so affirming to know that I can make that change."

- Deb H.

What other people are saying:

"Oh my goodness, I am bawling. Thank you for this. I appreciate you so much. You really understand the problem. I am going to read your messages again and again."

"Brought tears to my eyes, the kind of 'motherly tips' infusions I have been searching for"

"Omg… such a place of direction and peace for me… thank you"

"Beyond insightful, perceptive, and compassionate!!! Thank you for showing me I am not alone 🥲❤️"

"For me, you nailed it. THANK YOU...…"

"My husband heard me talking with my son after our missionary's zoom call and he said, 'your approach with him was so different! It was fun to see how he reacted to that.' I told him it's because of my coaching I'm taking. I have loved the extra perspective it has helped me see."

"This is exactly what I'm experiencing right now with my 2 adult daughters"

"Thanks for following your heart and helping other moms navigate this next level of motherhood"


"Wow! Spot on and thanks for the reminder. I need to level up while being there for them if they need me in a positive way."

"Thank you so much, I can't tell you how excited I am to learn more!

You were a breath of fresh air today 🙂"

"Wow this all hit home for me so much!! I'm actually very thankful to hear this as it has been SO hard to not feel like a failure if our adult children make choices we would not want them to do."

"Oh boy did I need to read this... thank you❤️"

"Oh my. How are you literally inside my head (and heart) right now??!? 🥲"